Herbalife Health & Weight Management, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Are there any 'Side Effects' of using Herbalife? Any chemicals or preservatives? || ^

Herbalife product as the name suggests are all Herbal and are safe to consume. They can be even taken by Diabetic or other ailment patients under special instructions. Herbalife is 32 year old, in 82 countries now and a 5.4 Billion $ company. It is regulated by FDA (US) and is researched by Apollo hospitals group in India. It is also listed @ the New York Stock Exchange. The product formulation team comprises of top scientists including a Noble Prize winner (Dr Louis Ignarro). In short you are in very safe hands.

Is Obesity one of the causes for Dibetese? || ^

Yes, Obesity and Nutrtional habits today play a major role in causing Diabetes and many other diseases. Please see this video to know more ...

I want to Lose Weight, How can I start? || ^

Please give us a call and we will assign and Wellness coach to you, who will work with you to select the right weight loss program for you and also keep you motivated by following up on you during the course of the program. Please see the following video to understand the basic Nutritional Requirements of the body and how this International proven and tested program will help you to lose weight.

Are Herbalife Shakes tasty? || ^

No, not just tasty, they are YUMMY!! Available in Chocolate, Mango and Vanilla flavours. Ideally to be taken in cold skimmed milk OR just cold water. Best when made in a Mixer. I love my shake.

Why Only Herbalife Products? and How soon will I see the results? || ^

If you promise to take the shakes as your coach asks you too, you will start seeing the results just within 15 days. See this video to know Why you should choose Herbalife products for you Nutritional and Weight Loss Needs...

I want to Gain Weight, can you help? || ^

Yes! We have a special programme for weight gain. The speciality is that you will gain healthy muscle weight and 'NOT' FAT. Please contact us and we can give you more details.

Why are the products so expensive? || ^

This is the Best Nutrition Available in the world. Our body needs 114 nutrients and minerals to work at it's peak level. Herbalife is the only Nutrition company that offers this out of a box. Think of it as the best food you can eat. Herbalife per meal calculated cost can be as low as Rs100/-. If you go out to eat, you will easily spend much more in a month for all that junk food.
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