Herbalife Activated Fibre (Weight Loss Enhancer)
Herbalife Activated Fibre Improves your digestion. Adequate dietary fiber is very essential for good health. Helps to improve digestion, cuts absorption of upto 70% of FAT oils in the body. Also helps curb your hunger and over eating food. Therefore it is also a Weigh Loss Enhancer.

Key Benefits
•It includes citrus and oat to increase your fiber intake
•Helps improve digestion

Adequate dietary fibre is essential for good health. In addition to help curb appetite, a high-fibre diet may support weight reduction by helping maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

Take one or two tablets of Activated Fibre with a full glass of liquid with each of your three meals to get the best results.
Fast Facts
Activated Fibre tablets, a blend of dietary fibre’s including citrus and oat, are a convenient way to increase your intake of healthy fibre daily. It is a combination of soluble and insoluble dietary fibre’s that helps curb appetite by providing a feeling of fullness and reducing the indulgence to over eat.
Herbalife Activated Fibre
Packing 90 Tablets
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Video - Dr. Luigi Gratton explains the Benefits of High Fibre Foods
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