Herbalife Nutrition for Children, Dinoshake for 2 - 8 years

Having Dinoshake is very simple. Just beat, stir or shake 25 g of Dinoshake with water, skimmed milk or juice. You can get a nice frothy shake which is smooth, creamy and tasty.

Fast Facts
Children need more nutrients than adults for their growth and development to get your child to a “smart start” include Herbalife Dinoshake as part of a balanced breakfast. Great to taste, the shakes are bound to be their favourite any day. Dinoshake is an easy way to ensure that your child gets protein and other essential nutrients in their daily diet.
Herbalife Dinoshake
Chocolicious, Packing 200g 

Comparison Cart 'Dinokid' with Bournvita, Horlicks, Boost, Milo & Complan
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Dinoshake Best Nutrition Drink for Kids
Herbalife Dinoshkae provides essential nutrition for children's growth and development. Improve their immune system with the best nutrition in the world.
                   "A Smart Mother's choice"

Chocolate flavoured shake mix, provides essential proteins and nutrients.
Key Benefits
•Nutrients to help all aspects for a growing child's wellness.
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Dinoshake is mainly a protein supplement made for kids, from easily digestible milk protein i.e whey protein. It also contains essential vitamins and minerals that is vital for growing children.

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Video - Dr. Luigi Gratto explains Kids Health
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For 8+ years
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